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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

This is a great RTS-Game with lots of awesome ideas and nice artwork! However what really bothers me is the fact that everything is so small and that it can be really hard to select the right tile, which makes setting up a pipe and cable system quite annoying. For me the 'S' key didn't work, at least I didn't notice any changes and the builders and workers kept on moving like turtles. However all this doesn't change the fact that it's a great game and I will surely come back to play it again.

I like this game; but it really needs better tutorials. I'm marking it a whole star because it literally took me a few hours to figure out how the Component Factory works.

To everyone who may see this review and is confused about the Component Factory: You need to have someone set to just moving goods around. He will move metals from your metal factory into your component factory, which will then produce.

This game is really great otherwise, even if resource management is a little tight, but the lack of explanations on how things work is so poor for this that it warrants immediate improvement in order not to alienate players.

How do you rotate the cables?

This is a decent game, but with some design choices that don't make sense.

For example, that you can't focus your colonists on any task besides killing buildings makes for angry times.

Also, storage is basically useless, and I'm not sure why it needs power? Actually, any non production building's use of power seems odd. For example, living quarters, which makes food the only resource that can't be consumed at your main building. Why? Actually, the living quarters whole thing seems to be things that probably be done somewhere else. The Med bay healing can be done with tired workers in the personal module. Heck, that the sleeping requires a personal module would bother me, except that you can place them anywhere, they increase your max population, and can be upgraded to a decent static tower.

motherfucking SPACE PIRATES!!!