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Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

Is it true everyone hates me? D; I'm nice too.D;

..... seriously what i have done?!!
i make love whit tom flup i was the haeted person i kiked myself's testicals,
Please don't be angry but sometimes your games are stranges,
im the opposite of myself in the game( i mean that i sensible a good person and i think everytime at the next)
anyway when the said that everyone haeted me (when tom had that dream) it was true?

deathink responds:

I am sure every one doesn't hate you, I just like to make funny jokes :)

Awesome game, so random, jaja tom its cool.

deathink responds:

I was drinking a lot while making it.

Hey this is T rated? should be M cuz I have seen all A+ and below and this is not good for a kid If you are reading this you should put a age restriction on games if a guest a E and Even if you go in guest search up a sex topic you will end up with A+ that a kid can watch so maybe a age restriction on the account is gonna boost your ratings up 35-50% better. I have a brother 7 years of age a guest able to click the Play on the adult button so You will need to Do a age thing in future, also you could do a Cost for Adult things that adults can only afford not kids could give you extra money.
But in my review of the game it was a cool game to play and I think you could have a future of being a game developer.


deathink responds:

This isn't for kids, but it is acceptable for teens. Day time tv is much worse. Anyway, I am glad you thought it was cool, and thanks for the review.

At Least i Got Mah Name said by Tom. So Worth It.

deathink responds:

Oh, from his lips, it would seem like gold.