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Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

Almost 5/5 it missed my participation on the game, so that's half a point down. Other than that... I FUCKED TOM!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

deathink responds:

Sexing Tom is easily 4.5 stars.

deathink you BASTARD! I DO NOT...... have red hair. lmao

The game was perverted, crudely comical, gory to a point, and twisted...... I LIKEZ EET! XD perfect submission for Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day deathink and all you Newgroundians out there that will more than likely rate my review as helpful :P

deathink responds:

I know, you died it so no one would recognize you lol
Pixels doing sexy sex things are always great.
I am glad you liked it :)

The game is confusing, can't figure out what to do...

deathink responds:

Just enjoy yourself.

it enrages the age of fulp brothers

deathink responds:


My name is in the game... twice! I asked myself when Waistland 2 was coming out... I didn't respond, because I'm boring. Wow, you got 3 hours of sleep before Pico Day? I had 90 minutes :(
Almost docked you half a star for the lack of a quality option in the right click menu (or in the menu itself), the kinda slow character movements, and the very slow end credits.
This game (and present) was a great tribute to the staff and users of Newgrounds. Thanks for making this, and including so many people in the gameplay! You rock deathink!

deathink responds:

Yeah, I can't believe I didn't add some kind of quality option. Anyway, I am glad you liked it :)