Reviews for "The Ventures Fulp"

I found the "Secret power" that said I got the skull, but I never got the medal. Overall however excellent game. Great music.

Awesome and I never kicked my self in the nuts before
so yeah
that happened

Fantastic game, though finding the skulls was somewhat difficult. After the credits, I got stuck between Ricepirate and the other guy, so that pretty much ended the game for me. Good game. 8.5/10

Fun little game, cool that you did something different for Pico Day. For anyone wondering about the skulls you need to dance on the toilet, on the dead cat, and in front of the portrait of Tom.

:insert coolest line ever here: (editors notes, I am very lazy today DeathInk, just gabber about crazy shit with the sandwich in your pants) Best game IGN 10/10 2017