Reviews for "Amy"

Oh... was a sad but great film... My heart was touched because I too am a cat lover... Seeing something like this makes me feel destroyed, but I feel very sympethetic through hard times and the terrible economy... Five stars...

im so sad now

Not bad. The story was pretty good in and of itself. A nice little tale about a girl and her cat. I liked your use of music, and the over atmosphere was great. You did a good job at setting a mood and tone for everything. None of the actions or things the characters said felt out of place.

Your animation itself was rough around the edge. Frame-by-frame is tough, and I'm sure you'll get better and better the more you do it. One tip, though; work on your anatomy. There were some parts where your proportions were a little off, and it was a little difficult to tell what was going on.
As far as the voices, the acting was pretty good (Especially the girl), just try to get some better quality microphones if you can.

Overall, I really liked it! As stated before, there's some rough edges, but that stuff gets fixed the more you do this kind of thing. Don't be so hard on yourself in the descriptions! This was really good and I hope to see more from you!