Reviews for "Amy"

The voice could have being better... but the story made me very sad, this reminds me of my kitty, if something happends to her, I would die :(

well done animation, but due to being unable to hear most voices, I couldn't quite understand the point. Still give 3 1/2 stars for a well put in effort, just work a bit on the voice acting.

good draws, but yes

That was actually pretty good. The voice acting was a little stiff at times, but other than that, really good.

Aside from the way too soft female voice, this whole piece was solid... (The viewer) knew it was going to be an emotional story from the start, but it was well worth watching, even though it was terribly sad.

Straighten out the audio, and this will be a 5 star rating, easy! This is work to be proud of.