Reviews for "Amy"

although this might not be the greatest thing ever made doesnt mean that the guy below me can rip it off like that I have to say that although the voice and animation could be better it still had a nice little story into it although this might also needs some polishing. nonetheless it looks like there is enough potentional in what you made. hope you'll keep improving :)

so guy warch a nother guy kill a cat girl finds her cat in box with a guy next you knows she go get coffen with him wow on my shy guy warches a guy kill a cat and gets the girl well that makes sense well no it dose not this was mind blowing retarted like anima getting now of days anime died after the 90's the golden year of anime in the u.s. no it all aboyt shy guy gets the girl and is shy emo and gay and is really worthless and dose not do shit and every wants him to die and get out the dam anime bc the main charter or good guy is usaly thee most worth less chater like the guy hold the the dead cat he warch get killed and takes to the girl and gets the girl when he was to scared to talk to her but not to scared to give her dead cat he warch get killed wow i am breath less not makes me wright this to explain this is retarted like anime become well most anime is any way not all anime is retared like this shit is


Great animation.
The sound was pretty amateur but whatever.
I did not liked the dialogues. Kinda dull like in Hollywood movies.
However amazing work!

Exellent voice acting and good story. This reminds me about my cat when she was younger. I cant even count her age anymore.