Reviews for "nazi slayer"

accurate as hell

well from a russian who is also a bit of an egg-head about WWII this is very accurate for these
2:the russian soldier carries a PPSH41 i belive. this was a popular soviet weapon at the time of WWII and his uniform is an accurate red army officer uniform
3:nazi weapon the is walther pistol, accurate at the time of WWII and his uniform appears to be of a standard infantry class soldier.
awesome art!!!!!!!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks mate.


this is toats migoats :D

dommi-fresh responds:

it sure is :|


Love it love it love it! Not just because its a communist shooting a nazi but because...... no wait it is because of that hahaha. Amazing job. Fuck nazi sympathy.

dommi-fresh responds:

fuck nazi sympathy right in the fucking ear.


Intense. Oh and ps3man it isn't a Thompson. Why would a Russian have an American gun? It is a PPSH-41, a standard Russian sub-machine gun. Oh and you should have added the muzzle flash. That would have looked cool. :D

dommi-fresh responds:

yea a muzzle flash would have been nice.


Thompson Sub Machine Gun, I like it! Nice way to kill a Nazi too! You got the arm band\Nazi sign, and both guns right on. Thats actually kinda funny cause I'm doing stuff with WW1 in history! You get a 10/10 for killing a Nazi!


dommi-fresh responds:

Nazi's were in WW2