Reviews for "nazi slayer"


and i repeat all your art is so fucking cool and the nacis go to the shit!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

uh huh?


i love the mask and how the cap has a sickle and hammer in it
keep up the good work.

dommi-fresh responds:

i won't let cha down boss


This kind of reminds me of the fallout new vegas character hold a pisto, with some sort of mask thing on. Really good job!

dommi-fresh responds:

never played fallout

Really enjoy the gritty style in this one.

You know this Russian character would have been sweet in "Inglorious Bastards". The dark color really gives suites this piece and the mask looks excellent! Well for some reason when i look at some of your pieces, I feel like your style is what would happen If Barfquestion (You know? The guy who doe's the Supervillian, and Spermrider animations.) began to make realistic and detailed drawings with a darker color pallet. Anyway nice piece and keep up the good work.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i messaged that guy for some animation tips but he never replied :(

absolutely wonderful

as a history major and dabbling artist, that fact it combines both historical accuracy and tastefully yet gritty style makes this awesome in my eyes. Good work, dear chap! 10/10

also, we see the only thing commies and capatialists can argee on....killin nazis ;-)

dommi-fresh responds:

bloody marvelous