Reviews for "nazi slayer"

Really, really great! I love the art and I love your style, very nice. :)

dommi-fresh responds:

i love you?

let hitler get some ass kicks!

dommi-fresh responds:

ok next nazi slayer drawing planned already

so we have neo nazis why cant we have neo bolsheveks so they can kill the neo nazis

"We have one job, and one job only... Killin' Natzis!"
I do indeed realize nazi is spelled differently, I wrote it wrong to put emphasis on the sound, so no raging. Another amazing work from you dommi! Just looking through your art and my jaw drops even further with every click. There are people who are decent at art, and those who are epic. Then there's you. Gotta say bro, you have talent, and you rank up right near the other great artists of NG.

Makes me want to go kill some nazis myself. The blood splash is perfect, not over extending itself, just showing the moment. The gored body parts shows the previous wounds, hell you even added in a Ruger. The gas mask, an ever present symbol of WWI and II really finishes the piece. You put in realistic weaponry, and made the scene seem realistic itself. I almost expect to see clouds of gas come from the bottom of the picture. Excellent.
_-+Happybob+- _

Germans and Russains will never be the same to allies i'll tell you that my frirnds no matter what will change