Reviews for "Soul Mates - Job Slobs"

As someone earlier said, "looks like you put a lot of work/effort into this"
It shows. I enjoyed it, and heartily look forward to future episodes. Just dont get all heavy into drama when you delve deeper into the characters, would be my only suggestion, but I'm super picky. Like a baby that only eats hamburgers.


Work on your audio recording and editting skils.

You've clearly put a lot effort into this.
Some bits were a little weak but for the most part it was quite clever and well done. Definitely looking forward to next episodes.

The animation quality was uneven, some parts are well done (soda scene) and some parts are noticably bad (see the guy getting his head smashed in with a baseball bat and the kicking of the car) which is odd, because the drawings themselves are fine, in general.
I have mixed feelings about the voice-acting. I don't know which is Colin and which is Greg, but the ghost's voice is way better than the voice of the living guy, both in sound quality and acting.
As for the story, it could've used some more real jokes and a little less pointless adult content; those parts looked out of place in this video that seemed to aim at a classic comedy feel.
My biggest problem is this: I don't get why one of the characters is a ghost.
There is no reason or consequence in the story for being a ghost, nobody even acknowledges it. He could've been a living guy the whole time and nothing would've changed, so it all seems kinda pointless.
Other than all this, it was entertaining and well done enough that I chuckled sometimes and watched it until the end.


MartinLarsson responds:

Uuuhm... This is an episode! There will be alot of consequences of Greg being a ghost in other episodes...