Reviews for "Soul Mates - Job Slobs"

The human boy has the voice acting skills of a boy going through puberty, trying to make his voice sound deeper.
The ghost on the other hand, is great. The jokes are poorly set up and could use a slight more build up.

It's pretty good for a first episode I like the characters and the idea of it all, but the voices are kinda off. I would like to see more episodes though

good movie.hope u can have the time 2 make another one.but the only thing is that,WHEN THE FUCK ARE GHOSTS FUNNY????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As earlier said; Your animation style is looking fine and the voice acting is good (some ups and downs with the quality thought). However, the story lacks and it is only holding up because of jokes and shock value. Though I have the privilege to actually know you, and know that you didn't want to focus at story building in this episode, I won't make that an effect on my review. After all, Everything you make got to have someone to tell you the better.

I enjoyed the content of this video and I would recommend my friends to watch it, not because of the story or any depth though, but because it will make them laugh.

4/5, well done, but try to balance the elements of story and comedy for part 2, 3, 4, etc.

The animation is good, but the humor is based entirely on shock value and cussing. I think you can do better.