Reviews for "Soul Mates - Job Slobs"

greg is just like me.except the beasteality part.thats just weird.plus were both ghosts.so pwease make more.

This is a very well thought out and enjoyable premise. I like the TV-show quality you put into this, in that you actually have a story for the episode and it's not just a short. The characters are likable, and the humor is actually pretty funny.

As you have heard from some of the other comments though, there are a few spots in the voice acting where it is a little weak or difficult to hear, and the theme song is pretty indistinguishable. However, that being said, I would really love to see more of this as a series. I look forward to the next installment.

Good jobb for being so young man, with some help obviously. And dosnt make it worse that you're Swedish. :) But like the guy below me you should work on your voice. But meh like i said you're still young.

Good flash, it was pretty funny. Decent animation too. And all the sounds were perfect as well. I also liked the music, it reminded me of sonic the hedgehog for some reason . . . . anyway, the human boy's voice was kinda . . . weak. Try and fix that ok? good job overall though.

MartinLarsson responds:

Yeah, I am currently working ALOT on my voice acting so I think Colin's voice will be good in the next episode. c:

I really enjoyed the animation. I'm actually really impressed with the name itself. Really clever and its on a very interesting premise. Would love to see more! GL