Reviews for "Welcome Test Subject 3217"

game need to say requires sound

Anyone know how I pass the first stage?

ZeroCreativity1 responds:


I had that bug too but i don't know in which level I was, I fell into a pit but the game kept going and didn't start over.

i just found a bug, in the second level when you hear the electricity noise, i opend a door and fall, i expected to restar the level, but the game keeps goning only that i can´t move, the voice keep telling me to move but i cant, so i refresh my navigator (google chrome), i started in the same level, but if i fall down in the same place the automatic restart dosent work, maybe a level counter will help to kown how far you are (and help me to tell you where i found the bug), great game and idea, you should keep making these kind of games

This game is awesome very original this can really enhance the brain. If blind people can navigate easily, then any one can to. Just needs some practice that's all.