Reviews for "Welcome Test Subject 3217"

Uh, how is this horror? In the tags it says horror but ok...

ZeroCreativity1 responds:

its a little horror. I mean, you have your retinas removed, and are forced to complete puzzles for a sadist psychopath. Game-play has limited character actions. Plus that monster is kind of creepy.

the game is suppose to be black the test subject is blind
the game is pretty good by the way although i kept running into the wall lol

Very clever, though it definitely takes a little getting used to. It's a lot like playing Minesweeper with your eyes closed.

Pro Tip: If you guys can't get the game to "load." try turning up your speakers.

This was the most original game I'd ever played. Good job, man. It was kinda hard, but I'll try. xD

Well this was an interesting game. My first attempt at clearing it resulted in mainly aggravation, but it's an interesting concept. Reading your responses below I realize there's more sound to the game than I initially thought, though I don't think I made it to any level with a pit. Is there a sound for walls before you reach those, or is the wall part still trial and error though? I like the idea, will give it another go some dark night. Maybe just turn the lights off while I'm playing so the whole room is dark and not just a box on the screen. That should boost the experience. Nice work!


ZeroCreativity1 responds:

There are only sound for hitting a wall. The idea was to try a path, go until you hit a wall and then find another direction to go, keeping in mind which way you already went. With noises to indicate obstacles.