Reviews for "Welcome Test Subject 3217"

I just don't get the appeal of games that are basically "Guess where the game designed wants you to go" It is literally like "Pick a number between 1 and 10". Except you are playing it hundreds of times in a row in this game. I can't imagine someone playing "Pick a number between 1 and 10" even TWICE, let alone hundreds of times.

ZeroCreativity1 responds:

I see it as more as pattern recognition and map discovery/exploration, than trail and error. For instance, the pits have a "rock falling into a pit sound" to indicate there is a pit is within 1 square. And of course, wall sounds to indicate walls to know where the boundaries are. There is some luck involved, but if you pay close attention to the sounds you can beat the game in far less than a 100 tries.

You know, if you want. Creating your own path-finding algorithm, remembering that path, Trying to figure out what sounds mean what, and listening carefully to each step you take and determine where to go based on the sound isn't something everyone enjoys.

Well this is clever. It's certainly never been done before, and the graphics are impeccable... hehe...
It's very challenging, but of what I've played so far, I can safely say that it's very doable. In short, this is a wonderful game.

man that beast on lvl 8 is a pain on whatever part it is biting...

Something NEW, the idea itself is awesome, but i think, it was a mistake to add a "joking scientist-test subject" thing, it would be more interesting to see people crawl in darkness without instructions or , at least, with more serious scientist, with older and deeper voice. Anyway, the game is good, i mean really good, it holds me, until i complete it.
Gameplay : 5/5
Sound : 4/5 (that annoying portal-like thing)
Music : 5/5
Graphic : uhmm..... potato?

Great concept, most original thing I have seen (i mean heard) so far.
Any way found a glitch at level 7. I fell down the pit but the electric sound didn't stop and the voice was insisting for me to move, but obviously i coudn't 'cuz i was dead.