Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

MAKe a zone-tan xxx parody pls

Already play skullgirls, pretty awesome game.And zone i will definitely donate if you promisse to do a hentai flash game as you did of Filia but about Cerebella or Valentine(why not both!)

I already did it =D
But if it is for zone i´ll do it again.
Also, would be amazing to see zone-tan as an stage character
just saying...

If we donate, will you do an animation for Valentine?

It's cool that you did this to help support SG. I think my favorite bit was at the end with that announcer. He sounds very familiar, or closely resembles a different one. The bickering between Zone-tan and Dave can get a little monotonous, but there wasn't too much of that here, which is better.

Tags boobs... Pffft cause Zone-tan can support that, amirite? Zing!