Reviews for "Cleansing"

Bloodlust is the word. For a very short period of time I became a wolf that wanted to kill everything because I can. Coming to my senses I'd say that the game lacks challenges. Its closer to a point and click adventure than a side scroller looking at the design. Its not bad but people have certain beliefs about what a game should or should not be and this doesn't fall into any of the categories, nor does it create a new one.

Thanks for sharing.

i liked it but i kinda agree with others the AI's are duuuuuuumb lol

Run 1 - not sure what I have to do, everyone died
Run 2 - vaguely understand I have to kill the slime, but not exactly sure of the mechanics behind how to spawn it, Survivors ending
Run 3 - about halfway I FINALLY understand I don't even have to snap my jaws at them for the slime to spawn, end up with Reckless ending
Runs 4 and 5 - aborted halfway due to hitting things
Run 6 - Clean ending finally! Unlike what some people say it's not impossible, it just requires the patience of a saint trying to herd everyone away from the slimes while not letting the goddamn things repossess the villagers.

I removed some points off because of technicalities like villagers running into you for no goddamn reason (that makes it hellish to herd them away), and those slimes taking so many hits to kill. Apart from that, it's a pretty cool concept. I like how the fear of the villagers worked to your advantage, since obviously fear is what causes the "weight of the unaware" to exit the host (Sweat Elementals?) Good thing they never catch on to the fact you're trying not to bite them, otherwise you'd REALLY have to start attacking them to reignite their fear a little...

*Beast* GET THE FLIP OUTA MY WAY HUMANS, YES, RUN AWAY, NOW IM GOING TO TAKE A BIT OUT OF THIS SLI- DONT RUN TOWADS ME YOU IDIOTS!! I always thought is you see something scary you were supposed to run away from it, not kamakazing towards it...

Too laggy.