Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

omg i was laughing all the way...

I don't know what, but there's something so god damn appealing about this game.

For "Rock on,Giuseppe!",go out the stage by destroying the little thing and continue till the cliff,then continue mashing right buttons et you will have it.
For "Was It Worth It,Giuseppe?",go to the cliff,fall and press nothing,you will have it.
For "Someone Still Loves You,Giuseppe!",go to the cliff,go back in the opera,and play something to the guy who clean up.
And the rest is just a bunch of Hardcore gaming.
P.S: Sorry for bad english ^^'

Oh mai gosh. <3 A game where the point is basically to button mash. xD :D So great. My spacebar is half-broken, which is sad for me. XD But this game is so awesome. :) I hope you have more games, because I will definitely be watching you. :D (Creepiest statement ever) xD

molkman responds:

Thanks, cat!

Spoko gierka ;).