Reviews for "The Wishing Well"

Very interesting game. Its about how wishing for something works out, how it will go when you really want something and wish for it. This game goes deep in people dreams and wishes and in the end how it will all work out when you wish for it. Plus it lets you see that how much you wish for something in the end it will not come to you on a gold platter, but you will have to work for it. That makes this game so good. It really gives you the message, work for it biaches!

I give this game 3 stars because the creativity was decent and I like the graphics as well. But...I don't know what the point of the game was/is because whenever I would wish for something it would display the words, "Nothing Happens...." at my screen.

My suggestion is to give full instructions next because I don't know what exactly to do but as I said before, this game is decent.

I mean its kind of cool as a gadget, I mean like as an interactive statement or something. Music is okay but...you know. Something more would be nice. Don't know what but something.

I'm unsure of the point of this game, and more than a little confused. However, I suspect that's part of it's purpose, and found my own personal meaning in it. I quite liked the music choice, and found that it fit very well. My only real irk was the animation of the character. The simple and elegant graphics were rather hurt by the rapid angling, which took away much of the visual appeal.

although it is a wonderful, inspiring work, i believe calling this a game is a bit of a misnomer, it's more like an interactive movie. you did a good job, but make sure you categorize things correctly next time.