Reviews for "OONi Battle Protoversion2"

This looks like a game I could get addicted to. Just the menus are great, with language selection and the ability to save your game through an account, both appreciated features! One miss on the account meny though: there is no option to go back! Otherwise I really like the menu, it's sleek and minimalistic. Even the transitions look awesome. I probably have more to say about the interface than the game itself, lmao, but it seems like simple fun. Great addition with medals too, that just adds to the addiction. Keep it going!


The game itself is ok. No flaws in my opinion. Graphics are ok, music ok, gameplay ok.

What can be changed or improved in my opinion:
1. a more non-childish theme. the characters are really chibi mode or worse. The red characters is similar to a Japanese Daruma doll... Most games are like that now and not sayng it's bad, but really, I would have preferred more realistic-looking characters with real heads, necks and weapons. Really looks like something a 4-8 year-old kid would like. And when I was that age, I wouldn't even care to watch cartoons that look like that. I'd think that they were for girls or even younger children, and switch to stuff like ninja turtles and robocop and transformers. You know what I'm sayin? But maybe it's just me and some people like me and maybe the newer generation of people like this kind of stuff and design. If that is so, even then, this kind of theme would be suitable for non-violent games such as puzzle, adventure... but this game is clearly a Battle game and I was expecting something cool, and it turned out to be childish stuff... at least to me.
2. while gameplay is ok, there's not much to it. It's just clicking and clicking. If you are catching onto the point-and-click trend, well you've succeded, but to me it just feels meh.

But once again, the above points are just my opinions and feelings. That aside, you've made a solid game. I don't mind the ads at all, as I understand the hardship of flash game developers.

OONi responds:

Thank you for your review. The Ungoy character was in fact inspired in a Daruma doll! Good job.

It's unfortunate that you don't like the theme, but it's our style and it's what defines us. We do have some people that like it, and they are not only kids. For more realistic themes there are lots of other options as well, so we are lucky that we don't have the need to please all interests.

Finally, we must point out that this is only a "prototype" (hence the name). We are working this concept to take it much further, and hopefully people like you will enjoy that game too.

Thanks again!

Meh. Feels like you're just doing this for money. It's a very very easy "game" to code and yet you attack us with ads and pleas for Facebook advertising. You say it's the only way to make a full game? This wouldn't take longer than a week. The only thing that's actually good about it is the artwork. Not impressed.

OONi responds:

We apologize if you felt spammed. We do want to make a living off of this, eventually, so we have start somewhere!

cool concept, but sooooooo long and repetitive, after level 20 is not challenging, unless you tell me there is a final boss and ending :)

OONi responds:

Oops, sorry. No final boss here, but we are glad you like the concept. We'll put in more cool stuff next time.

Great game except the collect 150 coins medal will not work for me other than that great job.

OONi responds:

The medal is earned after PICKING UP 150 coins, not when reaching that amount (this might be confusing because you can get coins in the roulette). If it still does not work please let us know. Thank you!