Reviews for "OONi Battle Protoversion2"

One of the best games in the earth, this is simply amazing.
This is so adicctive, i cant go to work because of this game, and thats ok.
i just want to keep playing until im lvl 100 and see the final boss.
i cant sleep, but i love it.
great job guys, you really rock the hause.

OONi responds:

Christian, you are such a groupie.

I would have loved the game, had I known what I was doing, and what options I had available to me.

This game is definitely something special, I don't think I've played something like it before, and it was interesting. What I didn't like was the fact that the game didn't tell me what to do, I had to figure it out (using a trackpad and then quickly switching to a usb mouse).

While that much is ok, I'm still very unsure of how important timing is in an attack or defending, I'm never told it, damage seems inconsistent with timing more often than not, though that may be me the player, and this is why I'd like for the game, or something, to tell me about the system, is it enough to just click within the time frame given, or can I get a better hit in by clicking as soon as the cross hairs show up?

The audio sometimes seemed a bit too attention grabbing, taking my focus away from the game until I got used to it and tuned it out automatically, which I shouldn't have to do. Things like the menu sounds when clicking about seemed a little louder than they needed to be, though I do get a feeling of slot machines, even if in the basic menu.

Ignoring that, and once you get used to it, it's a decent game, and once you get past level 10, you can stop being overly cocky and start paying attention to your health.

I'll be giving this game 3.5/5, the lack of information is definitely part of the reason it didn't get a 4 or above rating. Please don't take this as a bad rating, given the chance, I'd give you a 7.5/10, there is room for improvement on this, and that's why you have 1.5 stars left in my score to work with.

This game can be better yet, and I hope to see it become even more enjoyable than it already is. Good luck!

OONi responds:

Thank you! At first we didn't want to add too much information on what you should do to play the game, in order to give you the chance to find out yourself, but now we realize that by doing this we ended up "hiding" some of the game's value for the user.

We'll take your review into consideration for our following games. Thanks again!

Cool game overall in my opinion, very polished and professional on an esthetic point of view. Great menu, cool interface, original graphisms. The music is well wedged on the different scenes or events, and the game is smooth, fluid and without bugs. Plastically, it's undeniably a great job, and I like finding back the "old" characters I saw in your other games.

It's more on the essence of the game that I'm less convinced. First of all, I didn't see a big difference between this new game and Ooni Battle. Just adding checkpoints and a wheel of fortune (which I'm not denigrating, of course, they are good inovations :) ) is a bit too light to pretend to a sequel, when you're using the same characters, finding back the same fighting actions, the same items, etc. Actually, I liked the simplicity of the fighting and its super easy handling, but I must confess that after a while, it was even too epured and it kind of lost its interest for me.

As there are only a few options (enhance defense, attack, gain life or money), the upgrades that could motivate the player to keep playing an addictive game are insufficient here (still in my opinion). Actually, after having pick up +5, +10 or +15 attack the most I could, I just beat all my opponents in one strike (even bosses). That kind of killed the suspense. Each time, I just clicked once to attack, another to inflict heavy damages, and some other to catch up coins :) I never used items as they got pretty useless because of that...
I think it's the huge difficulty in this kind of game : to keep an addicting game addictive, and prevent the player to fell into boredom. As far as I'm concerned, I was a bit too close to the cliff...

To counter that, you included achievments (medals) and you were right ! Giving objectives is a good way to maintain addiction ;) But I'm sure you could have include some more, on streaks, on critical hits, or on the different tribes.

Though, I liked how the different tribes have their own stats, which is more enjoyable as you go through the game, and particularly their special moves. The "upgrade" button was also a good idea.

Here it is, I just gave you MY opinion on your work. I find it a good game, but I would have appreciate to see this kind of stuff in it. I hope this review helps, if you find in it some elements you agree with.

Good work, and good luck for your future games !

OONi responds:

Thank you for this thorough review! Indeed, we are aware that we need to add depth and replay value to the game, and that is what we are trying to accomplish with the "official" version, among many other new things (some of which you also mention).

Thanks again!

Its kinda fun, cant say its amazing or beats other games of this type. There is some serious comp when it comes to this format and it dont compete to some of the better games out there. Its cool though, solid, just not something that brings the player to want to play the whole game.

Cool game !

OONi responds: