Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

I not attracted to pnies, and I don't like My Little pony, but damn that pony voice was hot.

That Indian dude at the end mde me laugh so much, even he was funnier than Pewdie.

@ultralord159 PewDiePie is a shit stain and this video is awesome. Please do take this as an offense.

Dude, pewdiepie is awesome!!! Most of what you said in the video is fake. I'm not sayin that u're videos aren't good, I'm just sayin it's inacurate. Please don't take this as an offense. Cuz it's not.

He is one of those super high energy, lets make a joke about everything commentators. I don't like him because he can't speak english at a level I enjoy hearing and his energy is just too high for me. I prfer a Seamus style commentary where the energy level is at the floor and most of the humor is sarcasm

This video more or less sums up the last few months of youtube, Im ready for the next flavor of the month.