Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

I'm going to make this unbiased as possible.
Firstly, and I really don't like calling myself this, but I'm one of the `bro`s. In the entirety of me being a... "bro", I have never seen anyone comment "OMG so original!" and is referring to his screaming. Secondly, while his reactions and notable screaming are funny at times, I know I wouldn't have remained a fan if that's all there is to him.

But yes, his commenters are annoying as fuck.

everyone is entitled to there own opinion, I respect yours, but you wont change mine

You explain both PewDiePie's fans and PewDiePie in this video

PewDiePie's fans are a big pain on the internet
PewDiePie is the worst thing Internet made

PewDiePie only cares about money and screams in front of his camera while he is almost all the time in his house

pewdiepie can suck a fat one SSoHPKC forever hes the best also known as seamus


Most of what was shown on that video is true. You are just denying the obvious because you're a bro. Heck, you are a good example that must be put in this video :D