Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

When I saw this on the front page my mind was drawn to the PleaseDiePie video a few weeks back and was expecting a similar style of video mocking PewDiePie but after watching this and having read the comment below ( rockluver 001's comment) and your response I feel justified to give you high marks I awarded. I'm going brake down my opinions so that it's easier to read:

Art: The art was bright and colourful and it was obvious you had taken the time to draw the character models with care and to really personify the facial expressions thus helping to make the joke funnier. The style of the art I would say was appropriate for context and the only real improvement I can think of is a bit more detail in the clothing. 9/10

Animation: The animation itself was rather decent and I thought the talking animations where the highlights due to the effort to correctly lip sink the people to the words however if I'm honest the biggest flaw with your video and with the animation was the lack of movement sometimes but once again I need to point out the flaws despite how small or slight so that next time you know what to look at and you never know it might be perfect next time. 8/10

Voices: The voice acting was another strong point for this as it was clear and the tones and accents varied enough to help create and sustain the idea of multiple fans not just the same male American voice.I honestly feel there's not much more to say about this and hope the voice quality remains at this standard. 10/10

Enjoyment: The real reason you made the video. Right? Well if it was mission achieved. The slightly obsessive nature of his fans is something I personally know as one of my best friends is a Pewdiephile and the first point about finding the same video funnier just because a grown man screamed and cried and not being able to tell the difference is something I see with him so this made me laugh at personal level. Despite the few points made above I found none of them made any difference to my enjoyment of the video. 10/10

Keep up the good work my friend and I look forward to your next video :D.

Jaltoid responds:

Woh, such a detailed review! :)

I appreciate you taking the time to spill your honest judgement towards the submission! Also no need to feel uncomfortable about pointing flaws. If we didn't catch it, we'll never improve it!

Art: Its still something we are working on. Clothing has always been tough to do. I guess we don't have an excuse for that lol. Just lack of practice with it. Seeing that you pointed it our, we'll be more aware on improving that! :)

Animation: That's actually never been brought to my attention. There are times we preview the same clip hundreds of times, and after a while it just looks correct to us. Then we neglect the more minor errors. We've honestly been overlooking the dead/lack of movement. Its mostly because we know the order and its not seen as "what will happen next." But its seen as "alright, this is next." Seeing it now, we will defiantly be on the lookout!

Thanks again for taking to time to write such a detailed critique! You've brought up some points that have not yet been raised, and we will be sure to remember them. :) Also we're glad you enjoyed our video!

I... absolutely think this is a piece of shit that fell from Chuck Norris's own asshole. That is how awesome this is...

BAHAHAHAHA supercodplayer1995. This was a funny animation and I know a few a people that are just extreme fans of Pewdiepie. The comment that rockluver001 made me laugh because I see the same comment on so many other videos like this. I find people making front of the bro fist funny because my friend used to always watch his videos if I went over his house and found it weird that I didn't bro fist the screen.

really you guys need to get a life at least pewdiepie is making good videos and making a living doing what he likes...you guys are just being haters....btw your animation needs a lot of work....the voices were good though ..except for the girly screams those were just annoying

Jaltoid responds:

This review is very interesting. I'd like to comment back to you as well about the contents of the video and the overall structure of what we are.

Stating that we "need a life" is a very over used expression that has a loose meaning. There is no set standard of living beyond a physical level. In that category we seem to be doing ok.

Honesty it is cool that PewDiePie is making a living off of what he wants to do. If he's enjoying it, great. To be honest success stories like that are what inspires us to work towards a living we want to have on the internet. Does that necessarily mean I like him. No. But the fact that a Sweetish man in his bedroom can achieve cyber fame. It sounds very unlikely until it happens. This man that you seem to have a strong support for, he didn't get where he was going out and parting all the time. He did it by working hard developing his YouTube account and making videos. I tell you, I doubt this man had much of a social life when he was developing his following.

Honestly being someone that does not care for PewDiePie I honestly do believe I'm more knowledgeable than you are in the subject matter that is PewDiePie. We don't just shit out this video blindly. Believe it or not, we researched him for months before making this video. We try hard to get our facts straight. The main focus was the more so the obsessive fans over PewDiePie himself.

Often overlooked, the ending with supercodplayer1995. That was making fun of obsessed PewDiePie haters. The kind of people that feel more deserving of fame. We are very sarcastic people, we try to find the humor in everything. Hell we ourselves may even fit the description of a PewDiePie hater. It was a subject that we poked fun at in this video.

Lets move on to the animation. We are all ears for improvements. However its not very helpful to state that it "needs a lot of work." If you're interested in elaborating on what you were disappointed about specifically. Feel free to PM me! :)

We appreciate the complements on the voice, if you had any specifics that you liked, or even any flaws or improvement feel free to PM us about that as well! no obligation.

Also the screams, now you know how we feel when PewDiePie videos are playing. ;)

In conclusion, this is a parody. Parodies are normally exaggerated from the truth. We even stated that in the description. Thank you for the review! I hope my response was helpful in understanding our reasoning for this video, and where we stand on the issues stated. Have a great afternoon! :)

To everyone who dislikes or hates PewDiePie, PewDiePie also has a life... Hes not only screaming infront of computer, anyway he do it for fun and make people laugh, because he like it, and if you got problem with that then dont even watch him or comment like an mad hater... Seriously, get a life.