Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

Yes, we can ....

Good message.
I'm sure all those strangers who got raped and killed after speaking to strangers loved this philosophy as well....

But really, seems like a good concept. But people are crazy/evil/selfish in this world. I'll say my hellos and what not, but I would prefer to keep all the "knowing" people to a minimum.

I'll do more and think less.

Great idea but I think she is thinking to her herself, " why is this weirdo talking to me!". If this was to come true, then I also think more people would be shot because its a cold world in some places and people get shot for speaking to the wrong people.

I wanna try this. :)
im too shy to do it and my english is pretty good but I think that if i talk to other people my english might get lost.. any suggestions?