Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

very good it gave me a new perspective in life really needed too thanks

Was at the police station yesterday and had to sit around for about an hour, but I met loads of interesting people there!

...Well, ok, that's probably not the best situation to follow the 'Do more, think less' bit, but still...definitely interesting.

Oh shit, that's my bus... (Guess we never will have sex now).

I don't know why I gave for instead of 5, but I bet if I voted some other day, I would had given 5. I just don't have an idea why I might being unffair here anyway.

Clearly didn't spend much time thinking about the animation. THAT'S WHY IT'S CRAP!


I loved XD

Loved it. I have recently and independently come to the very same conclusion about life. I know that I think myself out of a lot of potentially great meetings, conversations, adventures and like the narrator said, we've become a society where talking to strangers is considered forward and bothersome. What a crummy way to live!
also, loved the simple animation and thought it worked great with the concept.