Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

Be More Sociable Do more Think Less

Aha, not sure 'do more think less' is a good motto to live by but I respect it. Funny video anyway :D

Great story! The ending had me in stitches.

Well, that's your view.
Because of the way you live now, you are missing out on amazing oppertunity's...
You could have been on the bus sitting next to me... you didn't talk to me...
would you have... heck, you would have known Eddie van Halen like i do. but you didnt.

As for the animations, great job, liked it.
All was fluid motion, and the concept was great.

Hoping to see more inspiring work.

The D

7 out of 10 people I meet disapoint me of waste my time... and at least 2 out ou those are out to get something from me even before they set eyes on me. So I'll talk to people that come with recommendations, thanks.

Still, good little PSA, with punch & humour. The art could have been more detailed, but the scripting & programming was spot on. Congrats!