Reviews for "The day no one died"


I love it. Thank you.

LaserKarl responds:

You're welcome.
And thank you!


Haha, this really made me laugh. It wasn't just the overall joke either. It was the subtle things in the background that made me laugh too. Like the fact that he is taking care of a plant even though it is his job to kill people, and he hung a painting on his wall. I wander what kind of show he would be watching.
Your artwork has really improved from your earlier drawings. The lighting and color looks better than in a lot of your older work. My eyes are really drawn to the skull with it being the lightest and most detailed part of the whole thing. I really like the way the lighting on the cans and the way the smoke looks. Overall it's really nice.
There are a few things I dislike about the painting though. Mainly the fact that this one doesn't have a deeper meening like some of your other stuff. Which is fine, just personally I like it better when it tells more of a story. I feel that the cloak gets a little too light on the left side of the drawing. The drawing still looks great and the things I don't like are sort of opinions.
I really like the detail in the remote and the top of his scythe. The whole painting is sort of peaceful and the colors are nice. Are you going to start adding jaws to the skulls or was this only for this one drawing? I really liked it and it made me laugh. He would obviously be on Newgrounds instead of watching t.v. though.

LaserKarl responds:

Haha thanks man!

I've tried harder to improve lately, trying out new stuff and spending more time thinking about what I am doing in each image. I hope that have made me improve, its too early for me to tell yet.

I more often like doing those "deeper" things, but this was just one of those thoughts you had to get out since its funny. I never thought it would be this appriciated as this image has been now. Its a great thing though.
Also, the jaw was just for this one, it wouldn't be nice to remove it, I think he's quite used to it. :)

Maybe its hard to get internet in.... wherever he is, so he cant visit newgrounds. Not that i would like him hanging around here. Haha.

I thank you for your pointers and your review!

Makes me think^^

Well I m not going to write anything fancy because my english isnt the best. But
I really like the picture and the comment, too.
This picture may have a deeper meanig i think (or it could) because when death has free time that would make a great day on earth :P
Anyways great picture 10/10 5/5^

LaserKarl responds:

Thank you!

I really think its up to the viewer to decide if the image has deeper meanig or not, not me. :)

Don't Fear the Reaper

Seriously awesome, a true art masterpiece. The detail is immense, I love the Grim Reaper and your artwork is just brilliant, I'm definitely adding this to favorites. Keep up the awesome work.

Very Original

This piece shows both creativity and much much talent. You are one of the best artist I've ever saw. I would have never tought at that.
But one of those things that hold the scythe is only black. (first from left)
Those cans of beer give it a deeper feeling and more colour.
Totally awesome, I'm going to vote 5 on this everyday... :)

LaserKarl responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you liked it!