Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

Fun game, though I think I ran into some kind of glitch. I had only a normal hockey stick and no skills leveled past a 2. Despite that, I launched the geek and he just kept going. He just kept hitting things that launched him faster, things that didn't show up until he hit them. After a few minutes, I just read a book while waiting for him to slow down. By the time he stopped, he went over 4,000,000 yards and reached a max speed of 1,000.

Great game. Super fun. The leveling and buying stuff is a bit slow... Like It takes forever to get a teir 3 weapon or trinket. Art style and overall smoothness with how well the game played was perfect. I very much enjoyed all the different costumes you could get for your geeks. Overall I had fun with this game. Kudos Berzerk.

Going to ignore the brony comment, but a good time waster.

This is a fun game, about hitting a "geek" an initially short distance, which becomes increasingly longer as you upgrade your character. This is what the game would appear to be about, like so many other similar games (involving penguins, birds, etc.,), but this game dpes this very well in many regards, such as the inventiveness of the "Teammates" (npc characters which occasionally come and help you out), the cartoon-like effects, and the way you can configure the experience points of your hitter is something that can be experimented with as your points can be reset without much cost. Also the different worlds you unlock and the challenges add a bit of diversity. Finally as I found, the last 2 objectives are very hard to reach, meaning you will spend a long time on this game if you want to fully complete it.

It's not all that original, and the idea of it being that you're hitting a "geek" a massive distance with a weapon isn't quite as appealing as with similar games (at least to me), but for what it is, it's done very well. I'd definitely recommend giving this a play.

I think I broke it :I. I hit it the geek at just the right angle and now he can't stop, I had no perks or special weapons, didn't ruin the game forever, it's just wierd.