Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

FFS, man your Newgrounds link is invisible while actually shooting, but if you click where it is it takes you to the front page anyway. Good GOD that is annoying.

Also, you should make it so that you can shoot all around you instead of just in 4 directions. Or at the least, have some degree of auto aim. It gets very frustrating trying to shoot things and only juuuuust missing by a pixel.

Other than that, some varying music would be nice, as well as some different sounds for the different types of mushrooms. Not horrible overall, but could be polished a ton more.

Not bad, It was good for a cheap laugh or two, theres a glitch where if you go to close to the edge (the right edge for me) than you cant go left for a few seconds...but it still deserves a place on NG in my opinion.

amidos2006 responds:

Solved it

after level 4 it gets too hard


It's an alright game. It's very one dimensional, just keep shooting... over and over and over at things that take more and more shots. One major problem with this, though, is that the controls are poorly thought out. You give a lot of options, but each has horrible flaws: specifically, using the mouse becomes impossible when you need to be mobile because of your placement of the Newgrounds logo, which ends the game (it minimizes and halts your controls --- glitched to a constant downward walk after that); second, the space bar is just terrible, you have to physically move to aim.. which means you just run into things.

Well, nice try anyway.