Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

Kinda reminds me of flippin dead. I give it a three

this game is awesome but you could add more diferent enemies than mushroons

Still has a lot of bugs. A tutorial might be nice. Music isn't very catchy ("Buy"? Are you kidding me?). 4-way shooting, while "retro" , should probably be replaced by 8-way shooting. Power-ups are probably better if collected by the character, instead of having to be shot at. An explenation of the upgrade system would be worthwhile. The default system of control (arrow keys/WASD + <spacebar>) doesn't feel very intuitive in these days of keyboard and mouse control. Props for a working game, with a superficial storyline, but the game leaves a lot to be desired. Message me for a more detailed breakdown of how you might improve this, and understand that, while I myself do not design or program flash games, I consider myself a fair and considerate critic.

Pretty addictive and challenging, nicely done.

it was a good game but it feels like your enemies have the advantage the entire time for example when i got to the level with the moving and shooting mushroom i kept getting in the way of small pink mushrooms while trying to get away from the bigger ones and i eventually got mobbed but it was a good challenge and i enjoyed it so 4 stars