Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

this game is great. the game's graphics is 8-bit heaven. this multidirectional shooter puts in responsive controls allowing you to play with the mouse or keyboard. gameplay feels awesome and shooting is sleek and responsive. the game also comes with upgrades each round you complete. you can also receive power ups like shields or other weapons. Also every 3 rounds you win comes a boss fight which is a very nice touch. this games feels just right and I enjoyed. FINAL VERDICT: 5/5

just straight addicting! i have not found any bugs yet, but still, it is additing! love the choices of controls, and seriously, i just love the thing of the easy levels, then it gets harder, and harder, and once you find out the boss' pattern of attack, they become rather easy lol, but anyways, great game!

After you get to the part with the shooting big Pink mushrooms... The game gets so much harder.. It's a great game, however (:

This game is nice! Good Job :)

I also like pixel-games because I used to play Gameboy Color when I was a kid.. Wait. I still do play it when I m ill. ^^

But I liked the game a lot and I liked it that you actually did create there a plot also and told us why is the guy in weirdo forest because some people just create game whit out a plot/story. Its annoying because then I start wondering "why this and that happened..?"
Also I liked game textures. They were cute and pixelish. + I never tough mushrooms could be dangerious. Epic game!