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Reviews for "Ederon: Elder Gods"

Found this game by an accident almost 2 years ago and am still playing it.

Great game because:
- lots of cards (over 1200) and lots of combos (i.e. unlimited deck building);
- easy to get game basics;
- now with new expansion it is much easier for new guys to start and build good deck (free specialization cards);
- new tournaments system is introduced;
- single player is introduced (and is a good tutorial for new players btw);
- in addition to double gold during weekend, the daily rewards are introduced;
- the other you need to find out yourself while playing the game.

- it is addictive and takes a lot of time.

endless deck combinations to try

addicting multiplayer, fun game

yay another TCG to play

Hallo everyone
I think Ederon is one of the best online browser games!
me play it very often good people there good moderators

Having played Ederon for years now, it's never ceased to impress me with it's creative design and generous rewards. There is a huge amount of design complexity built into an incredibly easy to use, intuitive system.