Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"

I never saw that movie but i will.

I agree with this. do not get that movie. Just pure pnadering.

I agree with Conroy.
Wreck-it Ralph was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the last episodes.

I agree with all of you down there. Movies are suppose to be about the fun of going out, if you want to be lazy. Moreover, I believe all games that are the longest runnings, should be made into movie, because smart have made history into a game console. I conclusion, I movies are like our life but more dramatic-wise. I'm with Conroy on this. There are just too many despicable movies out there. 5*****

So funny! The only thing I partly do and partly don't get is why you had to put that spoiler in there. Also, I totally agree with Conroy about...pretty much everything.