Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"


Wreck-It Ralph really IS the best Disney movie thats been made in a long while. I saw it on Thanksgiving and enjoyed it immensely... parially cause i had a nerdgasm over all of my favorite video characters being in the same place, lol :-P

i've got a strange feeling he's gonna like spongebob. i never saw the movie either. oh and i like how doodley ended up discrediting the movie too by accident. can't wait for the sonic x and spongebob review!

Ahhh I was waiting for this one!
I love the mixup with conroy. And yeah, it is a pretty good movie.

Each episode is great!You should concider doing animation reviews on tv! I bet the kids will laugh they're heads off! :)

-Sincerely, jimmy13639

"What in the name of Don Bluth is this?"
Nice reference. Also like the old cartoonish intro of this show.
Great stuff :D