Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"


Wreck-It Ralph really IS the best Disney movie thats been made in a long while. I saw it on Thanksgiving and enjoyed it immensely... parially cause i had a nerdgasm over all of my favorite video characters being in the same place, lol :-P

i've got a strange feeling he's gonna like spongebob. i never saw the movie either. oh and i like how doodley ended up discrediting the movie too by accident. can't wait for the sonic x and spongebob review!

A movie cgi review I have talked to the wreak it wralf cast about something like this

both make a point. I'll go see the movie since I feel like there's some moral value to it or its just one of those 'character realization/moral lesson' stuff. which i don't mind, but its like crossing video game chara plot + moral lesson plot. At least thee's no humans in wreck it ralph. well, not much...i hope...

humans, they make movies look bad. like transformers or ultraman or avatar.

however while roger rabbit movie was 'bad' with humans i think there's a 'purpose' for having the crossover anyways...? It was a unique film and I somewhat enjoyed it, cheesy at some parts but...

Each episode is great!You should concider doing animation reviews on tv! I bet the kids will laugh they're heads off! :)

-Sincerely, jimmy13639