Reviews for "Toons These Days: Ep 15"

The ending made me chuckle a little. Really enjoy this series. Keep up the good work.

were the "duty" jokes . references to call of duty?

Yet another rather good "Toons these Days".

I guess I should go see the movie since I love crossover characters interacting. Kind of like how most all ppl saw Expendables and 2 just because its a name dropper movie. Like most Tarentino movies.

How the hell didnt you get that? it's "Doody" like, you know, poo.

Anyway, as for the review of the review part, An entertaining minute to tell me whats going on in the movie is nice. I like it. Have to go with Doggy in this one though, I've never been able to respect movies that spend more time cramming as many characters onto the screen at once at the expense of writing. That said, It's certainly not the worst Disney movie to be released in recent Days. At least it's better than Prince of Persia XD