Reviews for "Plungerdog - 02: Janitor"

This is really fucking good. voice work could be more varied but thats it. Awesome.

Really superb, fluid animation! Loved everything about it. The only con is that all the characters sound very similar. But that doesn't stop this from being extremely entertaining!

Really innovative yet gritty animation style!


An excellent second ep!

I loved it. Getting used to all the trippy-ness, which helps! At first it was too far out for me really connect with! Haha.

The animation was amazing, again. Really smooth and fluid. I can tell a hell of a lot of effort went into this. Voice acting was pretty funny and each character sounded right.

Plot is actually getting pretty interesting, can't wait for the next ep!

Dude, reminds me of when I went to work one day after some cubensis. the wiggles on the noodle-dude are awesome, and I love the sound fx.