Reviews for "Plungerdog - 02: Janitor"

Whoa man, your animation and coloring presentation have improved quite a bit in such a short amount of time!
It's exciting to see your progression from each animation to the next.
What will you be working on next??
Perhaps some more quirky shiznit like Waiting Game of Thrones, or possibly another one in the realm of Not so Happy Ending hehe :D
Love the humor in those toons!
Anyway, keep up the great work!

The hell kind of drugs is he doing man?

Awesome psychedelia! This is really top-notch animation, evocative and bizarre. The sound is clean and the designs are original and interesting. I'm very much enjoying this series!

Man, I love your stuff !

As many before me have said, the voice acting felt kinda flat given the very emotive animation. That's just about my only gripe on this, I loved the animation style, the humor, the music, etc.