Reviews for "clock day (great present)"


To the a-hole below me its not "star berry clock" its strawberryclock and obviously you don't know who he is. Your the "idiot!!!!!!!" not strawberry. Awesome Flash! Long live strawberry clock!!!


Of course, I actually believe that you are coolboyman. Knowing his flashes and the odd humor in yours and his, it's somewhat obvious that the two of you are one in the same. Your addition of the B was fun to see, and you throwing in the Rugby Bunch was... very weird. Yeah, it didnt' link to anything , it was just there, but oh well. Nice to see you give otu your secret identity, now we know who you are......yeah.

My 600'th Review!


Well, it's nice to know your real identity (although I already knew it, but whatever :p). I like the button you used, and the B was pretty cool. What's with the Brady Bunch advertisement in the lower-right corner...?


Well, maybe you could make a button to go back, and possible add some sound...?



long liv da king of the portal yay!!!

4ever live the cc!!


wouldve got ten if the b at the end was red