Reviews for "clock day (great present)"


I'm sure most people will not get this, and unfortunatly...Inside jokes don't do too well on this site, At elast your smart enough to realized that this entry will be blam'd.


This person is indeed the real SBC. But he created a new account. And although this Strawberry Clock is just a mere shell of its former self, he will live on in the hearts of all the clocks and newgrounders.

May they live long to see another year.
(Vote fifen XD)

wasnt that surprising

but it was still a great surprise

Strawberry Clock..

I am so sorry, for my worthless cruel reviews to u my king.. I did not know.. I did not know my king, I wish i did know though.. If I did I would of gave the most heartfilled review to u ever.. deep inside my heart made of strawberry <3.. I would of expressed my <3 for u.. and the B.. B......b...b.... oh Strawberry clock.. if I knew how special *~"B"~* was.. I would of told u how much I <3 you.. in the review for b.. I feel so ... depressed that I couldn't of released my soul to u before.. but now its too late.. I beg for forgiveness...

I might become a clock now.. its worth it just being loved by u..

...................Strawberry Clock. I <3 u forever............................

Hope u could take time to read this..

a little better than syoure other movies I've seen

I don't understand how some of SBC's movies have a score over 3 and this, which at least took a little effort, gets a 1.7? It's still not great, but youre offending your power as king of the portal. u r giving authors like Turd Clock and Strange Clock a bad name. no wonder there are so many anti clocks.