Reviews for "clock day (great present)"

Possible the worst clock piece ever.

One of Strawberry_Clocks late creations, here he attempts to ask the question "What If?" and proves to us that he is still searching for an answer.
It seems Strawberry_Clock had lost his creative juices with this one, with the return of the all familiar "B" (which later was adapted into the hit sequel "ABCDEFG..."). The subtle imagery used and the pure gorgeousness of the red, pill shaped button are once more used to its full stylistic effect, and the title alone promises viewers of a "Clock Day Present", one which he assumes we would be grateful to receive.
Unfortunately, he presents us with a lacklustre, although stylistically brilliant piece which give us further into his fairly mysterious yet quizzical identity.
One can only hope for more in the future, but still a fantastic insight into the workings of this prodigal geniuii's mind.


StrawberryClock, are you really God? Just say it, I know you are. :D

For some reason i believe you

and coolboyman no strawberry you really have improved I cant believe it. you really do rock. (well not these movies but coolboymans movie is better ).


I never knew, untill now


I believe it, after all, CBM is saying that he's you

so, yeah, I believe you

The movie still sucks however