Reviews for "Damian : The Hellevator"

That wasn't too bad, not very creative... and the artwork wasn't anything special, but I had alot of fun playing it and getting the medals.

not very fun

Not bad, Hell mode was still pretty easy, Leatherface and Death (lvl 4) were the hardest for me on that mode. The flying knife of instant death is what made level 4 harder, but once that was gone it was easy.

This game is awesome. It's really fun but the jumping seems like you jump and fall too fast, can you make his jump a little bit slower?

Other than that, this game is fun as in funny, interesting to play, and overall I love it, keep it up Mr.53xy83457 :D

53xy83457 responds:

Oh please, Mr. 53xy83457 was my father.

Very interesting...