Reviews for "Damian : The Hellevator"

This game is awesome. It's really fun but the jumping seems like you jump and fall too fast, can you make his jump a little bit slower?

Other than that, this game is fun as in funny, interesting to play, and overall I love it, keep it up Mr.53xy83457 :D

53xy83457 responds:

Oh please, Mr. 53xy83457 was my father.

Very interesting...

awesome game, very challenging toward the end, just what a person needs to unwind after a bad day at work!!!

It's an all right game Just maybe get the mouth for the guy to move better and this will be alright.
And maybe some different weapons :)

Cool concept / ending. Perhaps the medals have too many points associated with them. I got 400 points after about 15 minutes play, (could have had 500 but had stop playing after 15 mins). Could also consider more sounds or a soundtrack to increase immersion.