Reviews for "Damian : The Hellevator"

Overall good game, though it could have a medium difficulty instead of normal to hell.

Very cool game ! Hell mode is fun !
Thank you, still a little short !

Well, for once I was able to beat one of these games on Hell mode. It's pretty rare, usually on those hard modes I give up near the middle (near the final bosses if I'm lucky). I guess after observing the enemy enough times they eventually become predictable, including the final boss. I'm just glad my arms are just sore and haven't fallen off yet.

Anyways, interesting choices of enemies to vanquish; the clown was the most interesting one. Use of a gun and able to move around and jump were excellent. Ducking has saved me countless times (along with the ability to still shoot while doing so). Overall a good game.

So nice job, keep up the good work!

53xy83457 responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I might've went a bit too easy on you this time. A mistake I DO NOT PLAN TO MAKE TWICE!!


The art? Simple and typical. The sounds? Well, it was 3am I played this so I didn't turn on Sounds for long - a pity, really, because I really wonder how it was later on. But for your attack - you get the usual gunshot, loud and clear.

Controls are basic. You use the arrow keys, to move left and right, crouch (to avoid looming hazards) and jump (watch your feet, don't want them cut off by a psycho murderer doll do you?).

The game is freaking creepy if you're playing this at a dead hour at night (plus I live near a cemetery, so...). Seems easy at first, but then when you realize the antagonists in the game are all your childhood nightmares - man, that's when it started to chill my bones. I kept guessing what the next enemy would be, or rather, who.

This review's given when the game is still Under Judgement, so I'm voting for: SAVE. It's simple, it's quite fun, it gave me a bit of an adrenaline rush. So there.

Art: 3 stars
Sound: 3.5 stars (nothing abnormal about the gunshot, no worries)
Controls: 4 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars
Overall: 3.5 stars (3.6 stars)

53xy83457 responds:

Always nice to get a detailed review. It was also interesting to hear about your own experience with the game, playing late at night while childhood nightmares creep back into your head accentuated by the cemetery outside as well as the usual gameplay, graphics ratings. Many thanks.