Reviews for "Airborne Wars"

Very fun Stat. Game.

The Break Point badge won't unlock, but other than that. A good game.

a little like phage wars and a piece of shit compared to it dont you think!?

one star for effort.

not really that fun

hi, decent game. i played through all levels (the medals are glitchy, so i didn't get all, though i beat everything). the concept is great, controls and feeling are original, but something's missin, which would make it a true jewel... more depth in strategy, difficulty is nice, love difficult games and it would be a bitch to adjust, but i would love to see diffrent unit types (or buildings with greater capacity...) or defense bonuses based on terrain (more interaction with terrain, like burning forests or blowing up bridges or something else dynamic... that would be really really great...). keen on seein more submissions from you...