Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

This game is so fun and it runs really good and fast. Sometimes when you die its funny to see your body fly everywhere when you blow up. And sometimes the Bots can be really funny. Its even fun when you be a try hard because you feel like Rambo and you feel like a pro. Sometimes the Bots get stuck and they spaz and shake a lot. But this game always makes me come back and play it again.

My stats at the moment:
KD: 3 its a perfect 3 xD
all bullets fired:9512
ricochet kills:15

all kills: 755
all deaths: 166
all suicides: 51
KD ratio: 3.48
accuracy: 0.39
rounds won: 32
rounds lost: 0
draws: 0
rounds played: 35 (what?)
agent score: 2025
In all honesty a simple but enjoyable game. The A.I. is easy to figure out and finding abuse spots on the maps isn't too difficult I.E. on top of the train overlooking the ladder with two explosives on the banister and the wood hanging down behind you destroys the A.I.'s potential line of sight. Love the golden gun and the grenade physics are hilarious when A.I.s throw them uphill. Not a complicated but most definitely a fulfilling game if not for just a few hours.

Much appreciated

All kils:320
all deaths:105
all suicides:7


Such an AWESOME game! I play it all the time, but I cant get any medals for kills! I don't know why it isn't working for me, but otherwise this game is amazing, It runs awesomely, the slow motion kills are epic, and the Barret is OP!

This game desperately needs a follow up! If it ever gets a sequel, it can compete with the likes of Raze and Armor Mayhem.

mmankt responds:

it has a sequel.