Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

this game is awesome!!!

This game is just awesome! Here is how to get Maniac medal (last medal) play a total of 50 rounds! hope help you guys, and mmankt congrats for that, and hey there is a glitch. When a guy got a spawn kill a LOT of white dummies is falling and wont stop and i gotta do refresh the page because the game get slow but, anyway This game is one of the best and i love the Sniper! XD. (5 Stars).

Sprites, gameplay and sounds surely remind me of Half-Life 2 and other Source games.
Very good, and not laggy gameplay. Runs 30 FPS on High settings, on my laptop (which is not high-end), while other games are worse but run 15 fps on low settings. 10/10, one of the best flash games I have ever seen

Somewon can add me to friends on in a art if he wants and if he can beat my 200 kills with sniper

they should add a pumped action shotgun