Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

This game is just awesome! Here is how to get Maniac medal (last medal) play a total of 50 rounds! hope help you guys, and mmankt congrats for that, and hey there is a glitch. When a guy got a spawn kill a LOT of white dummies is falling and wont stop and i gotta do refresh the page because the game get slow but, anyway This game is one of the best and i love the Sniper! XD. (5 Stars).

Sprites, gameplay and sounds surely remind me of Half-Life 2 and other Source games.
Very good, and not laggy gameplay. Runs 30 FPS on High settings, on my laptop (which is not high-end), while other games are worse but run 15 fps on low settings. 10/10, one of the best flash games I have ever seen

Somewon can add me to friends on in a art if he wants and if he can beat my 200 kills with sniper

they should add a pumped action shotgun

I'm happy that you can change the controls in the second game, since in my country, the keyboard is different. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the first one.