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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

Good game Good graphics etc. Good job MostroGames. :D

MostroGames responds:

Thanks! :)

Fun game, though it became frustrating to make $ after a while...


secret medal1: win all levels(secret levels too), all stars, all upgrades
secret medal2: win all non-secret medals

MostroGames responds:

Mistake with secret medal :). He he he

Oh yeah !!!

Well I gotta say spend 311 days to gather everything here was totally worth it !
This game is somewhat perfect : good graphics, fitting music with special theme for bosses, secrets to find, challenge, upgrades, nice gameplay...
I really had a lot of fun with it. This game is very complete so bravo and keep it up !

MostroGames responds:


Amazing.... Simply Amazing! I was sooo addicted to this game. Great graphics, awesome sound, challenging game play. The last tier upgrades are too expensive though. It would take forever to get everything.

It's practically impossible to get all stars in all levels, especially the "BIG BOSS" one. It took me 402 days but I did it.

Now, my only question what the hell is the 1st secert medel I for the life of me cannot get it!